With the opening of lunchroom and wine bar ‘Echt Welschap’ a long-deserved wish of owner Hanny Arens and business manager Ralph Gijbels came true. Echt Welschap is located in the historic airport building Welschap at Zandkasteel 43 in Meerhoven.

Hanny Arens: “We worked hard for a year to get everything done. Since it is a national monument, the renovation had to meet strict conditions. The interior has undergone a true metamorphosis and I am very proud of the result. We offer delicious barista coffee, piadins, tapas and crafty ice creams. And we have a wine bar with a variety of Spanish, Italian, French and Portuguese wines. We are currently in the startup phase, but everyone is welcome. The official opening probably follows in the fall.”

The new business manager Ralph Gijbels is also excited: “I graduated last month and I’m already working as a business manager. I could not do better than this. This is a beautiful challenge and at the same time very exciting. Since the opening on August 1, we have continuously had guests. The concept thus seems to work. There is room for about 40 guests and in nice weather you can enjoy the terrace.”

The former Welschap airport building dates back to 1935 and was designed by architect Dirk Roosenburg. The building was used until 1984 as a departure hall including restaurant, service rooms and control room for the flight control. From the late 90’s, the building temporarily served as information center for the new district Meerhoven. Hanny Arens: “I bought the airport building in 2011 when I was looking for a unique location for my company Bed & Breakfast Europe. That company is still located in the building. With a lunchroom and wine bar as a new asset, a piece of history will come to life again.”

Opening hours
Echt Welschap is open every day except Monday from 11.00 to 21.00. Between 11.00 and 16.00 you can order lunches. Tapas can be ordered until 20.00. The wine bar is open until 21.00. A meeting room is available on request.

More information
Look for the menu and contact information on the website www.echtwelschap.nl (in Dutch).

This article is also available in Dutch.

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