On Monday evening, January 22, 2024, Residents’ Association Meerhoven organized an information evening about air traffic around Meerhoven. We look back on a very successful and well-attended evening. It was clear that the speakers’ contributions were appreciated by those present and that the opportunity to ask questions was made good use of.

During the evening, introductions were provided by Bas van Asperdt from Eindhoven Airport, Major Sam de Haas from Eindhoven Air Base and Wim Scheffers from Beraad Vlieghinder Moet Minder (BVM2). Below are the links to the speakers’ presentations (in Dutch):

Eindhoven Airport
Bas van Asperdt explained, among other things, how Eindhoven Airport is working to realize the agreements made in 2019 in response to Pieter van Geel’s report “Reconnected”. These agreements concern noise pollution, climate, air quality, added value of the airport and trust from the environment. He also explained that people can report perceived nuisance via

Military air base
Sam de Haas explained that air traffic control for both civilian and military air traffic is in the hands of the air base. He discussed the aircraft used by the Ministry of Defense from Eindhoven Air Base, the routes used for take-off and landing, the exercises (also over residential areas) and the possibilities and restrictions for flying on certain routes and times for military and civil air traffic.

Wim Scheffers, chairman of the interest group BVM2, explained the contents of the Manifesto (in Dutch) drawn up by BVM2. The document lists in 12 points which changes and improvements the organization is pursuing. This concerns matters such as:

  • Further reduction of noise pollution.
  • Further restriction of flying during the day and on weekends.
  • Solving the traffic and parking nuisance for local residents by the municipality, without placing an additional financial burden on directly involved residents.

During the General Meeting of April 8, 2024, the board will submit the Manifesto to the members for approval in order to support the manifesto and the efforts of BVM2.

Fighter aircraft
Naturally, it was also discussed during the evening that the Air Force is currently investigating throughout the Netherlands at which location it can intensify which activities. Although nothing is certain yet, it is certainly possible that fighter aircraft (‘jet fighters’) will be flown much more frequently in Eindhoven. This obviously did not receive much support from the 130 local residents present. Wim Scheffers announced that BVM2 will submit a formal opinion based on the presented explorations. The Meerhoven Residents Association will also do this and will closely align with the vision of BVM2.

Successful evening
All in all, we look back on a well-attended, very successful and very informative evening. It was clear that the speakers’ introductions were appreciated by those present and the opportunity to ask questions and discuss with the speakers was therefore extensively used. At the end of the evening, it turned out that all questions had not yet been asked, let alone answered, but those present indicated that they were very satisfied with the well-organized evening.