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Ennatuurlijk pulls out all the stops in court case against Meerhoven customers from Eindhoven

16 February 2021|

Ennatuurlijk is certainly not resigned to the criticism of the connection costs incurred by customers in Meerhoven. The heat supplier is pulling out all the stops to win this matter of principle. The fact that a lot of money is involved is also important, according to Ennatuurlijk representatives at the court in Den Bosch.

On […]

Rapper Laylo from Meerhoven tells about his life on a golden new album

15 February 2021|

Just sending messages to people from the industry via Instagram. Rapper Laylo from Meerhoven entered the world this way and signed with Ali B.

The native of Eindhoven released his EP ‘Niemand Weet’ (Nobody Knows) last Friday, February 12, 2021. On it he raps about radical events in his life.

Read more at Ed.nl (in Dutch).

Start sale apartments De Hooghe Heer in Meerrijk

14 February 2021|

Tuesday, February 16, 2021 the sale of 45 owner-occupied apartments that will be realized at the southern edge of Meerrijk in Meerhoven starts.

The owner-occupied apartments are part of the new construction project De Hooghe Heer, which also includes 93 rental apartments. The project consists of a tower of fifteen floors with 138 apartments. The […]

Meerhoven gets its own football school: Meerhoven United

14 February 2021|

Football school Meerhoven United will start on March 12, 2021 with the first technical training sessions for boys and girls aged 7 to 14.

Initiator Erik Zuiderhoek: “At this new football school the emphasis is on training good basic technique in small groups, guided by experienced trainers, and with a fun and healthy mix of […]

Ennatuurlijk again in court because of connection costs

10 February 2021|

On Tuesday, February 16, 2021, Ennatuurlijk will again be in court over the double costs that the heat supplier charges residents of Eindhoven center and Meerhoven. That can cost Ennatuurlijk about 10 million euros or even more.

More than 2000 (former) residents will claim a refund of overpaid costs in a collective case, between 1000 […]

Piece of concrete comes down at Eindhoven Airport parking garage: building closed

10 February 2021|

There are again problems with the parking garage at Eindhoven Airport. A piece of concrete fell down and ended up on the ground floor of the parking garage. No one was hurt. The parking garage is closed.

In May 2017, the garage in front of the airport entrance collapsed. There were no casualties, but the […]

Pumping station Park Meerland shut down for skating enthusiasts

6 February 2021|

At the request of Residents’ Association Meerhoven and Stichting Beheer Park Meerland the pumping station in Park Meerland has been shut down from 8 February 2021. With the current frost, it might soon be possible to skate in the park.

The pumping station is managed by De Dommel Water Board and takes water from a […]

Wanted: first temporary tenants for a house from 3D concrete printer in Meerhoven

6 February 2021|

It was silent for a long time around the five houses from the 3D concrete printer that are to be built in Bosrijk Meerhoven, in Eindhoven. But now there is life in the brewery: landlord and investor Vesteda starts a search for the first, temporary tenants with a sense of architecture and innovation for […]

Two new sustainable projects have been selected in Bosrijk, Meerhoven

4 February 2021|

The New Mess, named after the former officers’ hotel and dining hall at Welschap Air Base, and OAK, after the wooden construction method. These are the new projects of Van Wanrooij Projectontwikkeling and Janssen De Jong Projectontwikkeling that may be built in the Bosrijk neighbuorhood in Meerhoven.

The two Brabant companies have won the so-called […]

Aviation at Eindhoven Airport has now come to a complete standstill; next week first day without flights

4 February 2021|

Eindhoven Airport will shut down completely next week. For the first time since the outbreak of the corona crisis, no scheduled flights will land or depart at the airport next Wednesday, February 10, 2021.

Now Transavia, Ryanair and Wizz Air together operate a maximum of a handful of flights each day, next Wednesday they will […]