At the beginning of June 2021, De Dommel Water Authority discovered blue-green algae in the pools of Park Meerland in Meerhoven. The Water Authority recommends avoiding water with blue-green algae.

In addition to blue-green algae, there is also a chance of botulism. Blue-green algae and botulism mainly develop at higher temperatures in spring and summer. Contact with surface water containing blue green algae may cause skin irritation such as itching and redness. If people or animals ingest the water via the mouth, it can cause stomach and intestinal complaints.

Extra attention for dogs
Botulism is usually not dangerous for humans, but dogs and other animals can become ill from it. The observed form of blue-green algae is a type of algae that lives on the bottom, can become detached and float. Since the floating globules are present on the water’s edge, dogs can easily bite and swallow it. This can be toxic and potentially deadly, so it is extra important to watch dogs in this area. Do not allow dogs to swim in this water.

It is also advised not to swim or fish in the pools. The municipality points out that the pools in Meerhoven are not an official swimming location. If you want to swim safely in natural water, please consult the site (in Dutch).

Warning and information
De Dommel Water Authority will place warning signs near the contaminated pond. The website of De Dommel Water Authority (In Dutch) contains an up-to-date overview of locations with blue-green algae or botulism and information about the risks.