It was very busy on Saturday evening in De Hangar during the fifth edition of the MeerhovenQuiz. During the sold-out edition, fourteen teams competed against each other. It was an evening full of thought-provoking, brainteasers and lots of fun.

Jeroen Rutten, organizer of the quiz, looks at the team battle with satisfaction. “This is the third time that we have organized the MeerhovenQuiz in pub style. We see many teams return every year, although we now also have a handful of newcomers in the room. It is nice to be able to do something for the neighbourhood.”

“The MeerhovenQuiz means fun, a lot of fun,” adds Suzanne van Buul. Together with Elfrieke, Anco and Jeroen, she is the brain behind the original assignments. “This starts at the end of June, when we evaluate. Ideas for the next edition bubble up and end up on dozens of post-its on the table. We make the quiz from scratch, we don’t buy anything.”

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