Next year cricket in park Meerhoven

5 October 2021|

With the construction of a modest pitch of 3.5 by 25 meters of artificial grass and sand, Park Meerland in the Meerhoven district will soon have a cricket accommodation.

Ram Thadigotla and Bhanu Kandregula have been playing cricket since childhood in India. “It’s the biggest sport there,” says the former. The other. “Yes, bigger than […]

Park walk with IVN nature guides

2 October 2021|

On Sunday 10 October 2021, the Institute for Nature Education (IVN) organises a walk through Park Meerland with nature guides.

During the walk, the nature guides tell about the history of the park and its flora and fauna. The theme is end of summer and beginning of autumn. The walk starts at 10.00 from De […]

Free workshop Medic First Aid for Children

19 September 2021|

On Monday, October 11 and Monday, November 8, 2021, Childcare Klokje Rond, Childcare Het Witte Wiel and First Aid expert KLS/Van den Berg organize a free workshop First Aid for children.

The workshops are intended for (future) parents. Participants learn about the dangers and safety in and around the house and what they can do […]

Open day Eindhoven Canoe Association Beatrix and Volmolense Canoe Club

19 September 2021|

On Saturday September 25, 2021, the Eindhoven Canoe Association Beatrix and the Volmolense Kano Club are organizing an open day where you can get acquainted with canoeing.

The open day lasts from noon to 4 pm and takes place at the Eindhoven Canoe Association Beatrix, Beatrixkade 50 in Eindhoven. During this day you can watch […]

Peace meeting in Meerland Park

11 September 2021|

Sunday September 19, 2021 the Platform Philosophy of Life and Peace Eindhoven region organizes in cooperation with the Peace Foundation Eindhoven a peace meeting in Park Meerland.

The meeting is part of the Peace Week 2021 and will take place at the Peace Circle at the Peace Path in Park Meerland. The platform calls for […]

Extra official team in Eindhoven to provide 2500 extra new homes

8 September 2021|

Building more houses more quickly is possible in Eindhoven, but then all the stops have to be pulled out. A team of five to six new civil servants should tackle about ten to fifteen projects in order to build 2,500 extra houses in the coming years.

For example, fallow grounds could be used to build […]

‘Unnecessary stopovers’ at Eindhoven Airport angers local residents

8 September 2021|

In order to fly holidaymakers from Eindhoven to the Greek islands, the travel organisation TUI has empty Boeings flown over from Amsterdam. Anything but sustainable, according to people living near Eindhoven Airport.

“Eindhoven Airport doesn’t respect the environment”, concludes Willem van den Brink of Bewonersplatform Woensel-Noord. “This is absolutely inappropriate in these times of climate […]

Exercise Falcon Leap and Market Garden from Eindhoven Air Base

4 September 2021|

From 6 to 17  September 17, 2021 the exercise Falcon Leap will take place. During this exercise, paratroopers and aircraft will depart from Eindhoven Air Base. Afterwards, on September 18, aircraft will take off from the airbase to participate in the commemoration of Operation Market Garden.

Exact times and locations of the parachute jumps will […]

Work in Bosrijk due to expansion of heating network

23 August 2021|

In order to connect new homes in Bosrijk to the district heating network, it is necessary to lay extra pipelines under a part of the Sliffertsestraat. The work will take place in the period 30 August 2021 to mid-November 2021.

To limit the inconvenience as much as possible, the Sliffertsestraat will be partially closed to […]

Participation in Transition vision Heat Eindhoven

23 August 2021|

Until Wednesday, August 25, 2021, residents can react to the Transition Vision on Heat of the Municipality of Eindhoven. This vision describes how the municipality will become natural gas free before 2050.

The Netherlands will stop using natural gas. The aim is to reduce CO₂ emissions. In most places, natural gas is still used for […]