Eindhoven launches offensive against creative parking companies at Airport

27 November 2020|

Eindhoven has launched a new offensive against companies around Eindhoven Airport that creatively circumvent the ban on renting out parking spaces to travelers. The first target is a company that rents out lockers and workplaces in combination with a parking space.

The Lock & Fly company on Luchthavenweg, within walking distance of the airport, is […]

Wednesday afternoon activities at Sportstuif Meerhoven

26 November 2020|

In December 2020 Sportstuif Meerhoven organizes, in cooperation with Eindhoven Sport and Residents’ Association Meerhoven, various sports and exercise activities for the children in Meerhoven.

The activities take place on Wednesday 9, 16 and 23 December 2020 from 2.30 to 3.30 pm. Location: Sportstuif Meerhoven in Sportpark Meerhoven (at football club DBS). Children who want […]

Hovenring colors orange against female violence

26 November 2020|

As part of the United Nations’ global campaign ‘Orange the World’, various Eindhoven buildings and objects will color orange from 27 November to 10 December 2020, including the Hovenring in Meerhoven. The action rejects violence against women.

The campaign period was not chosen just like that: November 25 is International Day against Violence against Women, […]

Power plant in Meerhoven provides a pinch of nitrogen in the Kempen every year: a fine of 25,000 euros is imminent

26 November 2020|

Because the municipal biomass plant in Meerhoven annually produces about 0.15 grams of nitrogen precipitation on protected nature in the Kempen, the municipality of Eindhoven is facing a fine of 5,000 euros per week.

Last week, the municipality received a letter about this from the Brabant-Southeast Environment Agency (ODZOB). The same fate will in any […]

Brand-new bicycle bridge in Eindhoven is ‘beautiful’, but a deep ravine is life-threatening

18 November 2020|

The general public will discover the brand new bicycle bridge over the Randweg Eindhoven. Yet not everyone is happy with the slender span. On either side of the driveways are seven meter deep “ravines”. And gates are missing …

The Tegenbosch bicycle bridge was put into use a month ago. The new bridge was necessary […]

Go Sharing sharing scooter blown up with fireworks in Meerhoven

14 November 2020|

An electric shared scooter from rental company Go Sharing was blown up with fireworks on Saturday November 14, 2020 and burned out in Park Meerland in Meerhoven.

Go Sharing reports vandalism, says regional manager Bas Heffen. “We always do this in situations like this. We also do our own research by finding out who drove […]

Eindhoven Airport reverses corona measure; terminal open to everyone again

7 November 2020|

While bars and restaurant, sports clubs and amusement parks are closed and there is talk of a curfew, Eindhoven Airport is relaxing an important corona measure. The terminal will open again, also for people who are not traveling.

The reason: the arrival and departure hall of the second airport in The Netherlands has been […]

Police Academy students also move to a new building in Meerhoven

5 November 2020|

The Police Academy will also be housed in the new police complex that is planned at Meerhovendreef/Sliffertsestraat in Meerhoven.

Alderman Yasin Torunoglu has confirmed this in response to questions from council member Mary-Ann Schreurs. The addition of the police training means a new expansion of the capacity and makes the neighborhood even more curious about […]

Fireworks nuisance since the summer: “It is a disaster to walk your dog”

5 November 2020|

A huge bang, the trash can blown up. Gunpowder fumes have not yet cleared or the first angry messages are already appearing online. For example, in the Facebook group “Meerhoven meets each other”, where on Sunday evening there was another loud bang. The umpteenth in recent months.

“The wretches are in the park,” writes one […]

Christmas celebration 2020 at Eindhoven Air Base canceled

24 October 2020|

The traditional Christmas night celebration at Eindhoven Air Base is canceled this year.

Every year, Eindhoven military airbase opens the doors of the passenger terminal for a Christmas night celebration on 24 December. Many residents of the airbase participate in this celebration. That celebration is canceled this year. Due to the measures surrounding the coronaviris, […]