Share your opinion and ideas about the city forest and the Wielewaal

4 December 2022|

Estate de Wielewaal was purchased by the municipality of Eindhoven in early 2022. Before the estate is (partially) opened to the public, the municipality will make a development vision with plans, wishes and ambitions for the Wielewaal and its surroundings. Between December 2 and 18, 2022, residents can express opinions and ideas.

The Wielewaal is […]

Woonbedrijf is going to build 400 temporary, movable homes behind P+R Meerhoven

26 November 2022|

Housing corporation Woonbedrijf will build 400 temporary, movable homes at the P+R Meerhoven in Eindhoven from the end of 2023. That plan is now being worked out.

The homes are intended ‘for a diverse target group, a cross-section of society’, the parties say. One third is intended for status holders and Ukrainian refugees, two thirds […]

Eindhoven’s emergency homeless shelter is not yet overflowing

19 November 2022|

More sober than last year, but warm and dry. The winter emergency shelter at the Park & Ride in Meerhoven has been open since Friday November 18, 2022 for homeless people who are not entitled to regular shelter. They can go there free of charge until the end of March for a bed, shower […]

Air Force exercises two weeks from Eindhoven Air Base

19 November 2022|

Exercise ‘Orange Bull’ will take place from Monday 5 to Friday 16 December 2022. During the exercise, C-130 Hercules transport aircraft will fly from Eindhoven Air Base to exercise locations in the Netherlands and Belgium. Local residents may experience noise nuisance during the exercise days.

Orange Bull is an exercise in which, among others, the […]

Sinterklaas visits Meerhoven

12 November 2022|

On Saturday, November 19, 2022 Sinterklaas arrives with his pieten at Winkelcentrum Meerhoven. Between 13.00 and 15:00 there are various activities including a Pietentrain, performances and music.

For more information visitĀ

Local residents want hard agreements about winter emergency shelter for homeless people

21 October 2022|

“We cannot stop this. But we want to be better informed, make good agreements and monitor that they are fulfilled.” That was the mood among the visitors of the walk-in evening about the winter emergency shelter for the homeless in Meerhoven.

Hans Vissers lives in Meerhoven and quickly fires a number of questions at Paul […]

Winter emergency shelter for homeless in Eindhoven starts without permit: ‘Not convenient’

19 October 2022|

This year’s winter emergency shelter for the homeless in Eindhoven will also start without a permit. The choice of location in Meerhoven was made too late to ensure an environmental permit in time.

The municipality therefore uses the authority to allow building on a piece of business park Trade Forum without acting. This is stated […]

Young perpetrator of Hovenring accident reports; Eindhoven does not fence embankments

19 October 2022|

The municipality of Eindhoven will not place fencing between the bicycle paths and the embankments of the Hovenring bicycle roundabout. Last week, a woman from Veldhoven had a serious fall here after being driven off the road by a young cyclist.

Sylvia Leidekker cycled at full speed off the embankment, landing face-first on the asphalt […]

Boy cycles on after driving Sylvia off the Hovenring embankment in Eindhoven

16 October 2022|

Arold and Sylvia Leidekker are still unsure on whom they are most angry. At the boy who pushed her off the embankment of the Hovenring on his bicycle, or at the Eindhoven municipality that did not put up safety fences here.

Since Friday October 14, 2022, the Veldhoven couple did have an appeal on Facebook. […]

Park walk with IVN nature guides

11 October 2022|

On Sunday 23 October 2022, the Institute for Nature Education (IVN) organizes a walk through Park Meerland, led by nature guides.

The walk will focus on the fall season. Nature guides tell you which plants, birds and insects can currently be found in the park. They also explain the thinking behind the design of the […]