Concerns about the De Startbaan outdoor playground in Meerhoven

4 April 2024|

The outdoor playground of De Startbaan primary school in Meerhoven can and must be improved. This cry for help from teacher Marian Verbeek of group 1/2 is shared by the entire school, including management. “We really hope that it will be looked at carefully.”

The sun doesn’t have to shine to see what the problems […]

Easter egg hunt in Park Meerland

2 April 2024|

On Sunday, April 7, 2024 at 1 pm all children in Meerhoven can once again traditionally hunt for Easter eggs on the playing field of Park Meerland.

This time a week after Easter. Due to the bad weather, the activity could not take place last month. Anyone who wants to have a nice chat with […]

Workshops Positively Healthy

1 April 2024|

This spring, a series of workshops Positively Healthy will be offered in the Zeecafé of Wooninc.Plus building De Blinkerd for residents in Meerhoven. Participation is free.

Are you stuck in mental fatigue? Are you looking for positive activities or meaning in life? And would you like to work on this yourself to feel more comfortable […]

Exercise with Patriots at Eindhoven Air Base

29 March 2024|

From Tuesday, April 2, 2024, exercises will be held at Eindhoven Air Base with the Defense Patriot air defense system. A system with missiles that must defend the airspace in war situations against, for example, enemy helicopters, aircraft and cruise missiles.

The system has a range of 20 kilometers high and 60 kilometers far and […]

Flixbus will run from Eindhoven Airport to cities in Europe

29 March 2024|

Good news for travelers who want to travel by bus from Eindhoven Airport. Flixbus will soon start four new lines to destinations in Europe.

The bus company has been providing numerous bus connections from Eindhoven Central to destinations in Europe since 2015 and added the Eindhoven Airport – Amsterdam line last year. Since Thursday, March […]

Excavator collides with Hovenring traffic portal

25 March 2024|

On Monday morning, March 25, 2024, an excavator and its crane collided with a traffic sign above the road on the Grasdreef in Meerhoven near the Hovenring. The driver was injured.

The front of the excavator was lifted because the crane hit the traffic portal. This caused the rear wheel to fly off and the […]

Easter egg hunt in Park Meerland postponed

23 March 2024|

Due to bad weather conditions, the Easter egg hunt in Park Meerland on Sunday, March 24, 2024 has been postponed.

Keep an eye on the website, Facebook, Twitter and the MeerhovenApp for the new date.

Action Extinction Rebellion ended by order of mayor, some 100 people arrested in total

23 March 2024|

The demonstration of Extinction Rebellion near Eindhoven Airport on Saturday, March 23, 2024, passed off reasonably peacefully. The mayor indicated around 3:30 pm that he wanted to stop the demonstration, but the activists did not heed this call and remained seated.

Around 3.35 pm the military police began carrying away the demonstrators, and at 4 […]

Sleeping in longer on Sundays is out of the question for people living near Eindhoven Airport

23 March 2024|

The wish of residents near Eindhoven Airport to start flying an hour later on Sunday will not become reality for the time being. The request has been shelved, as became apparent during a meeting of the Eindhoven Airport Consultation.

The neighbours have often argued that the first flight on Sunday should not depart until 8 […]

Eindhoven Airport will start construction of a larger terminal at the end of this year; neighbours are concerned

23 March 2024|

Eindhoven Airport will start construction of the new passenger terminal at the end of this year. The baggage hall will also be enlarged and moved to the basement. The new arrival and departure hall will soon accommodate 10 million passengers per year, according to director Roel Hellemons.

And that’s twice as many as the current […]