Meerhoven car park is packed with holidaymakers due to a mistake: shoppers cannot park their car

6 May 2024|

Many customers and residents searched in vain for a parking space in the Shopping Center Meerhoven this weekend. Due to a technical problem, the garage appears to be largely reserved for airport travelers who park their cars here during the May holidays.

People who wanted to do their shopping in the Shopping Center Meerhoven this […]

These sisters from Meerhoven dance through life

5 May 2024|

In the Van den Broek family from Meerhoven it is about dancing every day. The three sisters have been doing guard and show dancing since childhood. A year ago, they and their parents took over the Eindhoven dance group Blue Motion from Ingo, Hilde and Sarah Audenaerd.

As a six-year-old girl, Linda van den Broek […]

Liberation fire for the first time through Meerhoven

1 May 2024|

On the night of Saturday 4 to Sunday 5 May 2024, a group of runners from the Great Veldhoven Athletics Club (GVAC) will bring the Liberation Fire to Veldhoven for the first time. The running group also visits Meerhoven.

The National Liberation Fire Relay has been a national tradition since 1948. In Wageningen, the City […]

ASML chooses the Eindhoven region: 20,000 new jobs and company doubles in size

22 April 2024|

Chip machine maker ASML wants to realize its strategic expansion, which will involve 20,000 jobs, in Eindhoven. With this crucial choice, the company will ensure enormous growth in the city and the region in the next ten years.

Financial CEO Roger Dassen of ASML has signed a letter of intent with the municipality of Eindhoven. […]

Did you also feel the ground shaking?’ Heavy WWII aircraft bomb detonated at Eindhoven Air Base

21 April 2024|

‘Was there just an earthquake in Eindhoven?’ A shock wave was felt as far away as Meerhoven on Saturday, April 20, 2024. The culprit: an aircraft bomb from the Second World War was detonated at Eindhoven Air Base. Residents in the area wondered on Saturday whether there had been an earthquake. There were many […]

Court dismisses minister’s decision on Eindhoven Airport: ‘Insufficient evidence that nitrogen approach works’

19 April 2024|

Are national measures to limit nitrogen emissions sufficient to prevent Eindhoven Airport from imposing restrictions on the number of permitted flights for the time being? The court of Gelderland has doubts about this and gives Minister Christianne van der Wal new homework.

Van der Wal ruled in March last year that the nitrogen emissions from […]

Party for special trees in Park Meerland

15 April 2024|

There is a green oasis in the middle of Meerhoven, Park Meerland, containing more than a thousand trees and shrubs from all over the world. This collection from the Arboretum was central on Sunday April 14, 2024 during the Arbor Day. And mayor Jeroen Dijsselbloem planted his own tree in the park for the […]

Concerns about the De Startbaan outdoor playground in Meerhoven

4 April 2024|

The outdoor playground of De Startbaan primary school in Meerhoven can and must be improved. This cry for help from teacher Marian Verbeek of group 1/2 is shared by the entire school, including management. “We really hope that it will be looked at carefully.”

The sun doesn’t have to shine to see what the problems […]

Easter egg hunt in Park Meerland

2 April 2024|

On Sunday, April 7, 2024 at 1 pm all children in Meerhoven can once again traditionally hunt for Easter eggs on the playing field of Park Meerland.

This time a week after Easter. Due to the bad weather, the activity could not take place last month. Anyone who wants to have a nice chat with […]

Workshops Positively Healthy

1 April 2024|

This spring, a series of workshops Positively Healthy will be offered in the Zeecafé of Wooninc.Plus building De Blinkerd for residents in Meerhoven. Participation is free.

Are you stuck in mental fatigue? Are you looking for positive activities or meaning in life? And would you like to work on this yourself to feel more comfortable […]