Then you think you are consciously managing your energy consumption, but you still face a hefty bill. Due to an error by Ennatuurlijk, Christof Ka from Meerhoven pays for the consumption of another resident from his neighbourhood, who uses much more energy than he does.

Like most other residents in Meerhoven, Ka is connected to the heating network of Ennatuurlijk or the municipality of Eindhoven. Residents pay a fixed amount per year for this connection and costs for consumption per gigajoule. Things went wrong when a new smart meter was installed at the Meerhoven resident in October: “I soon saw that the consumption according to my online account was higher than the meter indicated. In the beginning, alarm bells did not immediately go off, but then the difference had increased to 9 gigajoules, I started investigating how this was possible. Then I discovered that the number on my meter differs by one digit from the number linked to my account. So I pay for someone else’s use. And he or she probably for me.”

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