Residents of Meerhoven, together with the municipality and Dynamo, are working on more connection in the neighbourhood between young people and adults. With a competition they ask other residents to come up with their own ideas for more connection.

The competition: How do you ensure more connection between young people and adults in Meerhoven?

Stage of life
Compared to adults, young people in Meerhoven are in a totally different stage of life. That means that their days usually look different, they can think about things differently and have different needs. Sometimes this leads to tensions: young people think that adults are nagging or irritable or that adults think that young people are too loud or rude. What helps then is that you learn to understand each other better by putting yourself in the other’s place. And that is exactly what does not happen often.

Do you think that is a pity too? And do you have a good idea for a place, a means or a recurring activity that brings young people and adults closer together? Then share your idea via (in Dutch). Here you will also find more information about the conditions and what you can win. See also this flyer (in Dutch).