The outdoor playground of De Startbaan primary school in Meerhoven can and must be improved. This cry for help from teacher Marian Verbeek of group 1/2 is shared by the entire school, including management. “We really hope that it will be looked at carefully.”

The sun doesn’t have to shine to see what the problems are. The playground of De Startbaan, which is also used by the pupils of the international school I-Start located in the same building, looks stony and bare with just one slim tree. In addition, the rain of the past few days has created a sandy and, in some places, muddy appearance. The latter also applies to the round field next to the playground, which is mainly used for playing football.

The lack of shady areas bothers Miss Verbeek the most. “When it’s really warm and sunny, it doesn’t feel good to send 150 toddlers outside. There’s just no way to compensate for that,” she sighs. In a letter to the municipal council (in Dutch), she hopes for action from the municipality.

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