Are national measures to limit nitrogen emissions sufficient to prevent Eindhoven Airport from imposing restrictions on the number of permitted flights for the time being? The court of Gelderland has doubts about this and gives Minister Christianne van der Wal new homework.

Van der Wal ruled in March last year that the nitrogen emissions from Eindhoven Airport (and also Schiphol and Rotterdam The Hague Airport) are too limited for rigorous measures such as limiting the number of flights. According to the minister, other drastic measures are being taken, such as buying up polluting mega stables.

Action group Mobilization for the Environment (MOB) of nitrogen activist Johan Vollenbroek had asked the minister to intervene because Eindhoven Airport still does not have a nature permit containing measures to limit nitrogen emissions. According to him, vulnerable nature reserves are therefore overtaxed. The minister recognized the need for the permit, but took no further measures. Vollenbroek then went to court.

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