The cows and calves in Park Meerland will temporarily leave Meerhoven. They will return next spring.

The cows and calves are expected to be collected on Sunday, December 6, 2020. The owner takes his cattle back from the meadows and nature reserves because the grass does not grow in the winter. In the winter period, from December to May, the cattle stay in the outskirts of Liempde, at De Toom cattle farm.

Red coes
Earlier this year, Stichting Beheer Park Meerland found the owner willing to let his red cows graze in the meadows. “The cows are calm and friendly by nature, they eat grasses, herbs and wild plants and are very suitable for the two cow meadows that the park has. We will certainly miss them this winter,” says the foundation.

Farm shop
Cattle farm De Toom also has a farm shop at home. The store is open every Saturday from 10 am to 5 pm. You can go there for beef and fresh eggs. Meat can also be bought on weekdays by appointment. For more information, visit the De Toom website (in Dutch). Information about Park Meerland can be found on website of Stichting Beheer Park Meerland (in Dutch).