In the future, households in Meerhoven will receive their heat from a data center, among other sources. However, biomass, such as the wood chips that are now burned in the biomass power plant in Meerhoven, will remain needed for much longer than expected and hoped.

The residual heat, which should reduce the use of wood chips, comes from Datacenter Interconnect, which is located at Park Forum. The heat emitted by the servers in that data center will soon end up in the Meerhoven heating network via a so-called heat exchanger, after which the approximately 1,500 connected households can benefit from it, just like the approximately 3,000 Ennatuurlijk customers.

Rob Stevens, CEO of Interconnect, calls the proposal a real win-win situation. “It is optimally in line with our efforts to make a significant contribution to the energy transition. The residual heat from our Eindhoven data center is still lost, but can be used to maximum effect through this step. The company receives cold in return via the heat exchanger. This means that the company uses less cooling, which saves energy.”

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