Advent Calendar Meerhoven
Day 10: Duurzaam Meerhoven

Today the fllor is given to Duurzaam Meerhoven.

Hey nice that you open this link of the Advent Calendar Meerhoven. We have a nice and varied offer from Duurzaam Meerhoven and Proeftuin Meerhoven. The door of day 10 of the calendar is the coupon you take with you to redeem your offer.

Make a choice from the following offer:

  • Heat pump consultation – a volunteer from Duurzaam Meerhoven will visit your home for an exploration to see if your home is suitable for the installation of a heat pump. We also discuss what steps you have to take if you would like to go through with this.
  • Heat image camera scan (only in January/February when it’s cold enough) – together with a volunteer of Duurzaam Meerhoven we will visualize the cracks in your home with a heat image camera. With this camera you can see if you can insulate your house extra. The most important goal is comfort improvement, saving on your energy bill is a nice bonus. The volunteer will also bring a CO2 meter, so that we have an immediate picture of the air quality in your home.
  • Sustainable chat – A volunteer from Duurzaam Meerhoven comes to your home to talk about sustainability. What do you already know, where are your interests, where can you find more information about the things that interest you and which tips are interesting.

If you want to make use of the offer of Duurzaam Meerhoven please send an email with your phone number and address to . We will contact you to make an appointment. For more information, visit the website (in Dutch).

Proeftuin Meerhoven
Sustainability is more than just your home. For example, Meerhoven has a sustainably equipped food garden, Proeftuin Meerhoven. A number of members maintain the garden which, in addition to green harvest, is also a place to enjoy nature and each other’s company. The garden is free for every guest to visit to relax or just to enjoy the surroundings on one of the benches. If you feel like discovering, doing and welcoming together with others in the garden, we invite you to join us. We are in any case every Sunday morning from 10.00 to 12.00 at the garden. If you have any questions or if your curiosity has been aroused, come along to get acquainted. To start spring full of energy, Proeftuin Meerhoven invites you on the first Sunday of spring, March 21, 2021. If you take the door of the Advent calendar to the Proeftiun Meerhoven that morning, your enthusiasm will certainly be rewarded. You can also take a look at (in Dutch) or at the facebook page. Any questions? Mail to: .