Advent Calendar Meerhoven
Day 17: Dynamo Youth Work

Today the floor is given to Dynamo Youth Work.

Dear residents of Meerhoven,

Another year passed, and what a special year. A year with limitations and new possibilities.

The event planners of your neighbourhood unfortunately could not organize a disco, Halloween or other events. They would like to let you know that they have not sat still and wish everyone a warm heart through sweet messages in the neighbourhood. Have you spotted some of them yet? These sweet messages can be found everywhere in our neighbourhood. Take a picture of them and share them on your social media and tag us on Facebook and Instagram (jc_de_hangar). We’ll share this on our story. This way we spread our messages even further! Let’s spread some more color and warmth together in Meerhoven.

On behalf of Dynamo Youth Work we wish everyone beautiful and loving holidays and a healthy 2021!!!!!.