Advent Calendar Meerhoven
Day 2: Children’s Holiday Week Meerhoven

Today the floor is given to the organization of the Children’s Holiday Week (KVW) Meerhoven.

The year 2020 was unfortunately a forced break for the physical KVW, but for 2021 we will go back to the party mode! Then we will hold the next edition of the Children’s Holiday Week Meerhoven. A huge party for primary school pupils from Meerhoven, and the best summer activity there is. For three days we keep each other busy with games, drinking lemonade, building huts, eating a nice fruit snack, crafts, eating fries, water activities and much more!

Facebook page
In recent years, we have really done everything – just browse our Facebook page – and the creatives of the Theme and Activities committee have already prepared a packed program for the 2021 edition.

Start registration
At the beginning of 2021 we will let you know when the registration will start via our Facebook page, our website and via the schools. Just like in previous years, we have opted for the last week of the summer vacation. In this way we stop the boredom that can strike at the end of the holiday, and let everyone make new friends for the new school year.

Of course, we don’t just need children who can join the KVW. We also always need volunteers to strengthen one of our committees in the preparation of the event, or to roll up their sleeves during the KVW with setting up, guiding and/or cleaning up.

And finally: a large event cannot do without sponsors. Fortunately, we can count on a solid core of loyal sponsors; but here too we always have room for more.

Are you interested in helping out or contributing as a sponsor? Then contact us via .

See you soon, see you KVW!