Advent Calendar Meerhoven
Day 21: Meerhoven Photography

Today the floor is given to Meerhoven Photography.

Dear Meerhoven residents,

As we reach the end of the year and the beginning of 2021, it is always good to look back. Looking back this year will not always be fun. That is why it is good to look ahead to what is to come. That can only get better. And if we take a good look somewhere, it is the Meerhoven Photography photo group. Because with more than 400 (online) enthusiastic photography members, there is plenty to see in this Facebook group. Beautiful photos from the neighborhood, the park, the center, the nature around. But also beautiful photos of other places, traveling (when it was still easy), architecture and special effects. Tips and useful links are also regularly provided.

Hopefully we will be able to take pictures together more easily in the coming months through relaxation, something that has already led to nice meetings this year.
Because together it is more fun than alone. We hope that, despite everything, you will have a happy holiday season! And if you take a beautiful photo of it, be sure to share it in the Facebook group ‘Meerhoven Photography’.


Douwe Beckmann