Saturday June 13, 2020 the football club DBS is organizing a major football day in collaboration with the KNVB and the Orange Fund. The day is all about sport and connecting: Meerhoven United.

The football day coincides with the National Football Day 2020. On this day, football clubs in The Netherlands show what they mean for their members but especially for the neighbourhood.

“Everyone is welcome at our ‘Main Event’: the 4×4 Tournament. Young or old, male or female, sporty or not, it doesn’t matter. Make a team with your family, friends, colleagues or neighbours and take this once-in-a-lifetime chance to become champion of Meerhoven!” says the organization of Meerhoven United.

During the day there are also all kinds of other fun activities for young and old. The day will be festively closed with a DJ and various singers.

More information
For more information visit the DBS website (in Dutch).