More fighter aircraft at the Eindhoven air base, reopening of the barracks in Budel and De Peel air base, extra helicopter flights around Oirschot and expansion of the training area there.

The war in Ukraine casts its shadow over the Netherlands and the region. That is why the Ministry of Defense claims significantly more space for training. Defense wants to significantly expand its training options at 44 locations, writes State Secretary Christophe van der Maat. The ministry is also looking at the possibility of (re)using thirteen locations. In the region these are De Peel air base and the barracks in Budel.

Eindhoven Air Base
An alternative to reopening De Peel is to give fighter jets more space at Eindhoven air base. A maximum of 250 take-offs and landings per year are now allowed there. Hundreds more could be added, possibly with permanent stationing of aircraft.

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