Since October 2020, residents can donate a special tree or shrub to the Arboretum of Park Meerland. Volunteers take care of the purchase, planting and maintenance of the tree or shrub.

The park has an arboretum called Boomrijk: a special collection of trees and shrubs. The arboretum is located on the north side of the park between the Water Lily Pond and the biomass plant. Each year from April 1 to October 28, volunteers are at work every Wednesday afternoon from 1 to 4 pm to maintain the trees.

Residents who want to plant a family or friend tree or who want to make a positive contribution to the environment can contact the Arboretum of Park Meerland. The costs are 60 euros for a shrub and 110 euros for a tree. The tree or shrub is purchased and planted by volunteers from the Arboretum. They also take care of maintenance for the first three years, after which the tree or shrub can continue independently. Donors receive a certificate with a photo, the description of the donation, the name and the exact coordinates of the planting.

More information
Interested? Please contact Henk Verberne, Arboretum Committee secretary. E-mail: . See also the flyer below (in Dutch) or the website of Park Meerland (also in Dutch).