Eindhoven Airport can breathe a sigh of relief: the airport will simply receive a permit for its nitrogen emissions. Minister Carola Schouten concludes that emissions from aircraft and traffic around the airport have not increased in comparison to 2014. Environmental organization Mobilisation for the Environment has already announced legal action against Schouten’s decision.

Chairman Johan Vollenbroek of MOB has not yet read Schouten’s decision, but did not expect anything else. According to him, this political decision is based on an outcome. “By making up 2014 as a reference point, they can permit air traffic. We see this more often with nature conservation permits. We call it fraud. At the Amer coal plant, for example, an emission of 170 tons of ammonia per year was made up. That went down to 10 tons, while in the past there was actually never one ton of emissions.”

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