Eindhoven Airport will start construction of the new passenger terminal at the end of this year. The baggage hall will also be enlarged and moved to the basement. The new arrival and departure hall will soon accommodate 10 million passengers per year, according to director Roel Hellemons.

And that’s twice as many as the current terminal, which is calculated at 5 million. Last year, 6.8 million people used the airport. Still, according to Hellemons, the major renovation has nothing to do with a growth of the Eindhoven airport in the coming years; hard agreements have been made about that. Some local residents are uneasy: “I fear that there is a plan behind this that scares me. Also considering the announced reconstruction of the runway, which includes a second taxiway, it will soon be possible to land more planes,” one of them remarked Thursday evening during a meeting of the Eindhoven Airport Consultation.

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