To keep up with the growth of primary school De Startbaan and international branch I-Start in Meerhoven, six temporary units will be added.

At De Startbaan, the stacked emergency classrooms will be placed on the east side of the school after the summer, on the green next to the bicycle path and the bus lane. According to alderman Stijn Steenbakkers (CDA, education), the Salto school is growing rapidly, with currently around 550 students at De Startbaan and around 260 at the English-language I-Start. Steenbakkers: “We are working on a new integrated accommodation plan in which we look ahead for a period of sixteen years to the expected developments in both primary and secondary education. But because the preparations for the elaboration of that plan will not start until after the summer we decided on the temporary units. The space shortage on De Startbaan is already there.”

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