Eindhoven will be building a temporary location for asylum seekers on Noord-Brabantlaan in Meerhoven in the coming weeks. From February 1, 2024, the emergency crisis shelter will offer room for two hundred asylum seekers. In addition, the temporary reception of asylum seekers in the Novotel at Eindhoven Airport will be expanded from February 1, 2024.

The emergency crisis shelter for asylum seekers in Meerhoven will be located on the site where the winter emergency shelter for the homeless was also established at the end of last year. To maintain an overview of both locations, a new combined access road will be built. This road will also become a logical walking route to the bus stop, according to the municipality. There are currently 50 asylum seekers staying in the Novotal. The number of asylum seekers there will be expanded to 200 people.

Neighbourhood Infos
The municipality has distributed two different Neighbourhood Infos (Wijkfinfo’s) within a part of Meerhoven:

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