Starting April 12, 2023, the Brabant Environmental Federation will organize the Energy Forester training. In a period of two months, the participants are trained to become “citizen experts on nature-inclusive solar and wind farms”.

The training is particularly interesting for members of energy initiatives and nature and environmental groups, but is open to other interested parties. During the training participants will learn all about ecology and biodiversity in combination with solar and wind projects, they will be able to assess potential solar/wind sites and interpret zoning plans, and they will practice what they have learned through a practical assignment. Guest speakers include Vattenfall, Solarfields and Wageningen University & Research (WUR).

Sustainable Meerhoven
One of the members of the Sustainable Meerhoven working group took part in the Energy Forester training and talks about it on the website of Sustainable Meerhoven (in Dutch).

More information
For more information about the Energy Forester training , see the website of the Brabant Environmental Federation (in Dutch).