On Tuesday, December 17, 2019, the police held a enforcement action in collaboration with BOAs from the municipality of Eindhoven and the Neighourhood Watch Meerhoven.

In the afternoon and evening police, BOAs and the neighbourhood watch went into the neighbourhood for the ‘feet project’. Police and BOAs have also taken measures against nuisance. There appeared to be a need from residents for more enforcement in the neighbourhood.

Feet project
The feet project is an initiative aimed at burglary prevention. “Among other things, we looked at open doors, garages and garden gates. The residents received advice when they encountered specifics. It concerns around 15 homes. It was good to see that the majority of the homes were correctly locked,” said a police spokesperson.

Process reports
In addition, nuisance and the lack of bicycle lighting have been monitored on Meerplein, in the parking garage and in the park. Various official reports were issued that afternoon. Details have also been recorded by the police and have been taken further.