Football club DBS is looking for enthusiastic youngsters for the G-teams. Richard Vreven and Hans Razenberg, coaches of the G1 and G2 teams respectively, explain what playing football in a G-team exactly entails.

Richard Vreven: “G-football is not synonymous with football for the disabled. Playing football with the G-teams of DBS is meant for all children and young adults who think one thing is important: playing football. If you can’t keep up with your team because your head is too busy, you have a disability that makes it difficult for you to move around smoothly, or you have a syndrome and are afraid that others will think something of it, then you are very welcome to join the G-teams of DBS.”

Trainings and matches
The DBS G-teams consist of fanatical footballers aged between 16 and 26 with various disabilities. Every Wednesday evening they train enthusiastically and on Saturday the teams play matches. Here they measure their strengths and tactics against other teams from the region. Hans Razenberg: “The unique thing about playing football at DBS is the knuckle sandwich that is eaten in the canteen with the other teams after the match. In addition, the G-teams are very sociable football teams where you work fanatically every week to get the best out of yourself on the pitch. We are looking for enthusiastic young people who enjoy playing football and like to work in a team. Everyone is welcome.

More information
Interested in joining? Or would you like more information? Then send an e-mail to .