From September 4 until September 15, 2023 the international exercise Falcon Leap will take place. During this exercise, paratroopers and aircraft will depart from Eindhoven Air Base. The exercise will end on September 16 with the commemoration of Operation Market Garden.

Exact times and locations of the parachute jumps will not be released in advance due to the safety of the spectators and parachutists.

Falcon Leap
Exercise Falcon Leap is organized by 11 Airmobile Brigade of the Royal Netherlands Army. During the first week of the exercise cargo is dropped on parachutes above Marnewaard, Ginkelse Heide and locations in Belgium. The second week of exercises will be dedicated to dropping paratroopers at various locations in Gelderland, Noord-Brabant, Groningen and Belgium.  There will be no flying after 11 pm.

Operation Market Garden
Saturday, September 16 a number of aircraft take part in the commemoration of Operation Market Garden. Paratroopers are then dropped at Ginkelse Heide near Ede.

More information
More information about the exercise and the flights can be found on the website of Defense (in Dutch). On that website, it is also possible to report any nuisance.