From Tuesday, April 2, 2024, exercises will be held at Eindhoven Air Base with the Defense Patriot air defense system. A system with missiles that must defend the airspace in war situations against, for example, enemy helicopters, aircraft and cruise missiles.

The system has a range of 20 kilometers high and 60 kilometers far and can track and intercept multiple targets simultaneously. In the past, Patriots were deployed in the Gulf War and more recently in Slovakia to protect the NATO treaty area. The entire air defense process is completed during the exercise. From relocations and reconnaissance to fully building the Patriot weapon system and providing air defense. Naturally, no rockets are fired during the exercise. The exercise will last until April 12, 2024.

Multiple excercise locations
In addition to Eindhoven Air Base, the system is also practiced at Deelen Air Base and at the Mineurs and Sappeurs School in Reek. At Eindhoven Air Base, the air defenders with the weapon systems are most visible, for example to arriving and departing travelers from Eindhoven Airport. The military exercise will not cause any nuisance in the immediate area, the weapon systems produce little noise and, apart from road movements, the area will not encounter any soldiers.

The exercise has been given the name Batman. The name refers to the Turkish city of Batman, which was protected by Dutch Patriots against a possible attack from Iraq during the Gulf War in 2003.

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