A library with space for cultural activities, a language café and other courses and the opportunity to simply have a cup of coffee with others. That is the great wish of Meerhoven Internationals Platform (MIP).

“Such a library is desperately needed in this neighbourhood, where about half of the residents come from abroad,” say Diana Angelova and Shaitali Sengupta of the MIP, part of Residents’ Association Meerhoven . “There is a lot of loneliness, especially among expat women, and especially in the winter months there is often isolation or even depression.”

For all residents
Yet the platform wants such a library and cultural meeting place not only for that target group, but for all residents of Meerhoven. “After all, this is a model neighbourhood for an inclusive society and we want to radiate that. After all, libraries have long been places where you don’t just come to borrow a book. Everyone should be able to participate, from young to old. And for many people the library in the center too far away.”

Meerhoven Internationals Platform is looking for support for their plea for a library in the neighbourhood. Supporters can sign it until February 27 via meerhoven.nl/library.

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