In the second half of August Rijkswaterstaat carries out maintenance on and around the A2/N2. Traffic to and from Meerhoven must take into account extra travel time as a result of the diversion routes.

The activities include mowing the verges, collecting dirt, repairing asphalt, signs and guide rails and cleaning the road surface and glass noise barriers. This year it was decided to carry out the maintenance of the A2/N2 in the shortest possible period. This means that parts of the A2/N2 are closed to traffic for a number of nights. This prevents weeks of inconvenience with changing small closures. The most important reason is that the work can be carried out safely.

More information
See the websites of Rijkswaterstaat, the municipality of Eindhoven and the municipality of Veldhoven for up-to-date information about closures and diversions.

Source: municipality of Veldhoven.