Fitness Center 2B-Fit organizes the first edition of the Family Bootcamp in Meerhoven on Sunday 4 March 2018 at 11.00 hours.

Mike Burke of 2B-Fit: “The Family Bootcamp is for every family that wants to be involved in a fun and sporting way. The bootcamp consists of several obstacles where you have to help each other to overcome them. In this way you can strengthen the family bond and at the same time work on body and mind.”

Children from 5 years old can participate in the Family Bootcamp, provided they are accompanied by a parent or caretaker. Mike: “We advise, however, to start from the age of 7 because children from that age on average master the skills faster.”

The Family Bootcamp takes place every two weeks on Sundays and is free for members of 2B-Fit. Non-members pay € 2.50 per child and € 4.00 per adult at a time.

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