Fitness Park Meerhoven

Fitness Park Meerhoven (Beweegpark Meerhoven) is an initiative of residents in Meerhoven and is meant for everyone who enjoys exercising in the healthy outdoor air. It is a unique ‘outdoor sports school’ with equipment. A place that brings people together, where children, parents and the elderly can exercise together.

The fitness park is located at the entrance of Sports Park Meerhoven, Het Schaapsdijk 109, 5657 AW Eindhoven. It has been decided to start small. If the initiative is a success, perhaps more of these meeting places may be setup in Meerhoven.

The fitness park consists of eight devices with which a complete training program can be carried out. The devices are designed for anyone with a length of 1.40 meters or larger. The fitness park is equipped with a sign with instructions. Also, each device is labelled with a QR code with which the exercise program for the specific device can be accessed via a smartphone and a special Fitness App. The app can also be used to track results and to encourage friends, acquaintances and other neighbours to participate.

Activity program
In collaboration with the primary schools, the youth center, sports clubs, senior group Meerhoven 55+ and Health Center Meerhoven, an activity program will soon be drawn up.

Keep in mind the following rules:

  • The use and entry of Fitness Park Meerhoven is at your own risk;
  • Fitness Park Meerhoven is a public area;
  • Everyone can use Fitnes Park Meerhoven, provided that the devices are also used where they serve;
  • Sports clubs can also use Fitness Park Meerhoven, they cannot claim the devices under any conditions; at the moment they use the devices, individual athletes are also welcome;
  • Respect each other when using Fitness park Meerhoven together;
  • Take each other into account and help each other where necessary.

The Fitness Park Meerhoven has been made financially possible by the municipality of Eindhoven, Rabobank Eindhoven-Veldhoven and residents’ associations in Meerhoven.