On 25 September 2021, the Philips Foundation organizes a grand CPR training day in the Philips Stadion. On this day you can follow a free CPR or refresher course at various times. Register now and contribute to a heart-safe Meerhoven.

The Eindhoven Heart Safe Foundation wants to make Eindhoven heart safe by setting up sufficient 6-minute zones. This means that people who have a cardiac arrest are resuscitated within six minutes by volunteers who are known to 112. Important conditions for this are sufficient AEDs spread throughout the district and sufficient volunteers who can resuscitate.

Heart Safe Meerhoven
Residents Association Meerhoven and the Eindhoven Heart Safe Foundation work closely together to make the Meerhoven neighbourhood heart safe. After an appeal at the end of last year, various residents in Meerhoven offered to make their facades available for an AED. This gives us an almost complete AED network in Meerhoven.

Civilian aid workers
Besides AEDs, many civilian aid workers are needed: people who can resuscitate and are registered in the national call system of HartslagNu. To realise this, the Philips Foundation is organising a grand CPR training day on Saturday 25 September 2021 in the Philips Stadion, where you can follow a free CPR course or refresher course. During the course you will learn how to resuscitate and how to use an AED. The course is for people of 18 years and older and takes about three hours.

Would you like to learn CPR or refresh your knowledge and skills in this area? Register now for a free CPR course on 25 September via the Philips Foundation website (in Dutch) and thereby contribute to a heart-safe Meerhoven. Can you already do CPR? Register as a citizen rescuer with HartslagNu (in Dutch).

More information
On the website of the Eindhoven Heart Safe Foundation (in Dutch) you can read more about the initiative. You can also find more information in this flyer (in Dutch) and on meerhoven.nl/en/heartsafe.