The first general meeting of Residents’ Association Meerhoven was a success. More than 150 people from Meerhoven had come to the meeting. Important topics were the intended police complex at Land Forum and a parking area for 1,600 cars at Park Forum.

The meeting was originally planned in De Hangar, but due to great interest it was necessary to move to the gymnasium of Basisschool De Startbaan. Various current topics were discussed, including the intended police complex at Land Forum. The municipality and police were present to explain the plans. During the evening the police made an offer to come and look elsewhere in the country for a similar police complex. The association will soon be calling for this.

Parking Park Forum
Attention was also paid to the plans for a parking lot at Park Forum for a maximum of 1,600 cars. The site is intended for ASML employees who are being transported by shuttle buses to De Run in Veldhoven. Residents expressed concerns about the flow of traffic at Park Forum. The association will discuss this with the municipality.

Other topics were paid parking, the collection of plastic waste in Meerhoven and the possible return of cows in Park Meerland. An explanation was also given about the digicoaches pilot in which young people in Meerhoven help older people to improve their digital skills. A campaign will shortly be launched to draw attention to the pilot in Meerhoven. The report  of the General Meering will soon be available on the site