Meerhoven Hartveilig (Meerhoven Heart Safe)

Together with the Eindhoven Hartveilig Foundation, Residents’ Association Meerhoven succeeded in making the Meerhoven neighbourhood heart-safe. This was achieved by dividing the neighbourhood into so-called 6-minute zones and placing an AED in each zone in a public place. This way, people who suffer from cardiac arrest can be resuscitated within 6 minutes by volunteers who are known to the organisation HartslagNu.

This organisation is alerted immediately after a 112 call and coordinates the deployment of emergency services and AEDs. Ambulances often have a response time of 12 minutes after a 112 call, which is too long for cardiac arrests. With a 6-minute zone, the victim’s chance of survival is considerably increased.

AED network
Since the autumn of 2021, Meerhoven has had a network of AEDs covering the area. This is thanks to a combination of efforts by private individuals, Residents’ Association Meerhoven, the Eindhoven Hartveilig Foundation and Philips. The AEDs are located at the following locations: Waterlinie, Grasbaan, Landleven, Bosfazant, Zandvis and Zandbloem. An AED will also be added to Meerwater at the end of 2021, which will also be available to emergency services 24/7. HartslagNu knows the exact locations of the AEDs and, if necessary, passes them on to the civilian care workers it has alerted.

Civilian aid workers
In 2021 the Eindhoven Hartveilig Foundation conducted a campaign to further increase the number of civilian aid workers. Civilian aid workers are residents with a valid resuscitation certificate, first aid or FAFS diploma and who are registered with HartslagNu. Residents’ Association Meerhoven supported the campaign in various ways. In September 2021, new civilian aid workers were trained in the Philips Stadium. According to HartslagNu, a total of 148 citizen aid workers were active in postal code 5628 in mid-October 2021.

We are certainly not dissatisfied with the number of civilian aid workers in our neighbourhood. Nevertheless, we would like to continue to encourage residents in Meerhoven to become civilian aid workers. The training for citizen assistants takes one evening. During this evening you learn how to resuscitate victims of cardiac arrest and how to operate the AED. It is possible to attend an extra (short!) practice evening once or twice a year. After that you need to follow a refresher course every year to stay certified. People who have a diploma EHBO or BHV of course also meet the required qualifications, provided that they also recertify annually for reanimation and use of the AED.

Interested in becoming a civilian aid worker? Please fill in the contact form. The Meerhoven Hartveilig committee of Residents’ Association Meerhoven will organise the training for you. The costs of the training can usually be claimed through your own health insurer. In any case, this applies to almost everyone who has supplementary insurance. If the costs are not reimbursed by your health insurer, Residents’ Association Meerhoven will, upon request, reimburse the costs in full or, in the event of very large participation, partially. For more information about the training and deployment of civilian aid workers, please visit the website of the Eindhoven Hartveilig Foundation (in Dutch) or HartslagNu (in Dutch as well). For questions, please contact the Meerhoven Hartveilig committee via .

Contact and knowledge evening for civilian aid workers
We would like to form a network of civilian aid workers in Meerhoven. We would like to organise an annual contact and knowledge evening for the volunteers in this network. However, at this moment, we do not have data on the active citizen rescuers in our neighbourhood. We would therefore very much appreciate it if the civilian aid workers who are already registered with HartslagNu would make their name, address, telephone number and e-mail address known to us via the contact form. Of course we guarantee that we will handle your data with great care and in full compliance with the privacy regulations.