Meerhoven Heart Safe

Since 2011, Eindhoven residents have been working on making their neighbourhood heart safe by creating 6-minute zones. This means that people who have a cardiac arrest are resuscitated within six minutes by volunteers who are known at 112. Ambulances can easiliy have a drive time of twelve minutes, which is too long for a cardiac arrest. With a 6-minute zone, the chance of survival of the victim is considerably increased

This unique citizens’ initiative is supported by Stichting Eindhoven Hartveilig. In the meantime, several neighbourhoods in Eindhoven are completely heart safe and several other neighbourhoods are working on this. Residents’ Association Meerhoven and Stichting Eindhoven Hartveilig want to make the entire neighbourhood heart safe by setting up sufficient 6-minute zones. This means that people who suffer cardiac arrest are resuscitated within six minutes by volunteers who are known to 112. Important conditions for this are sufficient aid workers and AEDs spread throughout the neighbourhood.

AED network
After an appeal in our December 2020 newsletter, several residents came forward to make their facade available for an AED. Where desired, Residents’ Association Meerhoven has provided a financial contribution. As consequence, we now have an almost complete AED network in Meerhoven. A great result! Below the locations of the AEDs. The aid workers are familiar with the exact locations.

  • Grasrijk: two AEDs in two of the courtyards on Landleven and two AEDs in two of the Parkstaete apartment complexes on the Grasbaan.
  • Waterrijk: an AED on the Waterline against the facade of Korein Kinderplein.
  • Zandrijk: an AED on the Zandbloem at the first apartment complex from the Zandstrand.
  • Bosrijk: an AED at the Bosfazant on the entrance to the underground parking garage at number 1.
  • Meerrijk: Registered AEDs are available here in the Jumbo and Lidl stores. These AEDs are accessible during the opening hours of the supermarkets. Outside opening hours, Meerhoven has to rely on the AEDs present in the immediate vicinity on the Grasbaan and the Zandbloem. We are still discussing with the Jumbo and Lidl about the accessibility of their AEDs outside of store hours.

Committee Heart Safe
But with only AEDs we are not there yet. To make Meerhoven really heart safe, Residents’ Association Meerhoven wants to set up a committee Heart Safe Meerhoven. This committee will take care of the AED network and the organization of the upcoming civil aid workers. We are looking for volunteers who want to participate in this committee. If you are interested or would like to receive more information, please send an e-mail to .

Sufficient aid workers
Besides AEDs, there should also be enough civil aid workers in the neighbourhood; residents who have a valid resuscitation certificate, first aid or BHV diploma. So far, in Meerhoven, about 100 civil aid workers are known at HartslagNu. Do you have a valid resuscitation certificate, first aid or BHV diploma, but are you not yet registered as a civil aid worker? Then do so via the website Of course, you can also make a contribution by first following a resuscitation course and then register. Are you interested in such a course and are you not available during the grand CPR training day on September 25, 2021? Please let us know by e-mail via . We will reimburse part of the costs and as a group we may be eligible for a discount. Only together we can make Meerhoven heart safe!