On Saturday, August 25, 2018 association Beraad Vlieghinder Moet Minder (BVM2) organizes an information meeting on the latest state of affairs concerning Eindhoven Airport after 2020. The meeting lasts from 11.00 to about 13.00 and takes place in community house De Leenhoef, Steenselseweg 8A in Knegsel.

In 2020 around 43,000 flight movements per year are permitted around Eindhoven Airport. This is more than a doubling compared to the year 2010 (18,000 flight movements per year). In 2020 the current agreements will expire and new rules will be drawn up. The airport wants to grow further to around 70,000 flight movements per year. However, the growth ambitions of Eindhoven Airport are at odds with the quality of life in the area. Interest groups are concerned about noise pollution, air pollution, traffic nuisance and parking problems in the residential areas around the airport. Especially now that the Ministry is having growth scenarios investigated up to 100,000 flight movements.

In order to be able to act more decisively in the run-up to the new agreements in 2020, interest groups have joined forces last year in the Beraad Vlieghinder Moet Minder (BVM2). This new partnership is committed to a better balance between the quality of the living environment and the interests of local residents on the one hand and the economic interests of Eindhoven Airport on the other.

During the first half of the meeting, the BVM2 board will talk about the latest state of affairs concerning the airport. Alderman Mark van Schuppen from Best, who is involved on behalf of the municipalities around Eindhoven, also gives an explanation of the current procedures. During the second half of the meeting Walter Manshanden, a nationally known regional economist, gives a presentation. The meeting is free and accessible to everyone. Note that the meeting is in Dutch.

More information
For more information, visit the site of BVM2 (in Dutch).