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Residents’ Association Meerhoven is for all local people residing in the neighbourhood Meerhoven, which is part of the city quarter Meerhoven. We strive for a safe and pleasant living environment. In order to achieve this, we focus on advocacy and stimulate social activities.

Why become a member?
A pleasant and safe living environment; of course that is what we all want. The more members we have the better we can represent the neighbourhood and the stronger our voice towards the city council and other agencies. As a member you decide, together with other members, what issues need attention such as parking, traffic safety, the shopping centre and district heating.

The membership costs only € 5 per household per year. With your contribution we can start collective or legal actions on behalf of the members. You also support initiatives such as our newsletter,, Sustainable Meerhoven, the Meerhoven Internationals Platform, the Neighbourhood Watch, Municipal Heating Foundation Eindhoven, street activities and events in Meerhoven. Not a member yet? Then sign up now via the registration button below!

Residents’ Association Meerhoven has five board members who are active in Meerhoven for many years. On the picture from left to right: Ruben Trieling (chair), Geert van Buul (secretary), Jos Hendriks (treasurer), Veronica van der Biezen (general board member) and Pierre America (general board member). All board members can be reached through . See also our Statutes (in Dutch).