Police facility Land Forum

The municipality of Eindhoven and the police want a large police facility at Land Forum. On the partly derelict site on the east side of Grasrijk they want to accommodate approximately 2,200 police officers from various departments, including the Mobile Unit, and 700 students from the Police Academy. (The ‘Wijkinfo’ of December 2019 reported approx. 1,250 police officers.) A detention centre, a shooting range and a training center are also planned. The police facility has no public function. So there will be no police station for filing reports and the like.

Last week, the municipality distributed a ‘ Wijkinfo’ in a part of Grasrijk and Bosrijk about the planned police facility. In that Wijkinfo it is announced that in June, the Board of Mayor and Aldermen will take a decision on a number of important points, including the location of the “Oude Sliffertsestraat”, the traffic access to and from the planned site and parking on and around the premises. Residents can respond until Monday, April 26. (Read further below).

Participation process
As a result of this Wijkinfo and previous reports, several residents have expressed their concerns about the participation process. Until now, the municipality and the police have been aiming for a single solution and have done little or nothing with the input of the sounding board of residents. Important information is also not shared. In addition, the limited information is incomplete and possibly incorrect, including the acoustic study with regard to outdoor training with small arms and dogs. Residents have asked us what they can do themselves to ensure that the municipality will actually work with all parties to find the best solution for the neighbourhood

As the Board of Residents’ Assocation Meerhove we advise all residents of Meerhoven, in particular residents in Grasrijk Oost and Bosrijk, to send a response to with a copy to before Monday, April 26. Please indicate in your response that the decision should be postponed until the consequences for the neighbourhood have been thoroughly investigated and the input of the neighbourhood has also been seriously included in the investigation. This with the goal to reach a joint solution. We have an example e-mail ready for you. Do not forget to mention your name at the bottom of the e-mail. Of course, you are free to express any additional concerns, objections and wishes to the municipality.

Position of the Board of Residents’ Association Meerhoven
As the Board of Residents’ Association Meerhoven, in principle we are positive about the realization of a police facility as outlined in December 2019. However, we cannot allow the BMA to make decisions without first thoroughly investigating and involving us in the consequences for the quality of life in our community. The municipality’s decision should therefore be postponed until the necessary data is available and proper participation has taken place. We ask you to reinforce our position by following the above advice, through which we will get a stronger voice as a neighbourhood in the process to come!

If you have any questions or comments, please contact us at .

Board Residents’ Association Meerhoven