On the night of Saturday 4 to Sunday 5 May 2024, a group of runners from the Great Veldhoven Athletics Club (GVAC) will bring the Liberation Fire to Veldhoven for the first time. The running group also visits Meerhoven.

The National Liberation Fire Relay has been a national tradition since 1948. In Wageningen, the City of Liberation, runners from all over the country come together around midnight to collect the liberation fire after the Liberation Fire Ceremony. This year, a record number of no fewer than 107 running groups are participating, including 12 from North Brabant. In total there are 2,500 runners. One of the running groups is running group ‘t Lopend Vredesvuur from Veldhoven.

The running group leaves Wageningen around 1 am and expects to arrive at Mrs. Park in Meerhoven. The team can be followed on Facebook or Instagram. After a short rest, the group prepares at 11.30 am for the last part of the tour, which takes a route through Veldhoven. The group arrives at the GVAC athletics track at approximately 12.30 pm. There the Liberation Fire is lit by Mayor Marcel Delhez. Everyone is welcome to encourage the team..

More information
For more information, see Facebook and Instagram. Also read the article on Ed.nl (in Dutch).