Tuesday, October 22, 2019 work will start on two turning loops on the Park Forum business park in Meerhoven. A third loop is closed later for all traffic. The aim of these measures is to make “a round of Park Forum” less attractive for racing motorcyclists.

Residents in Meerhoven experience nuisance from racing motorcyclists on the roads of Park Forum. The problem was discussed last summer with the police, the municipality and residents’ organizations.

For the design of business parks Park Forum and Flight Forum, a road structure with a high processing capacity was chosen. As a result, there are almost no traditional crossings, but in particular entry and exit lanes. Although this choice is favourable for the flow of traffic, it has the disadvantage that the speed inhibiting effect is less. Racing motorbikes cause nuisance particularly in the summer months.

Despite more intensive supervision by the police, the nuisance has not diminished much. The motorcyclists deliberately choose to break the traffic rules and are not easily caught. That is why, in consultation with the police, the municipality and residents’ organizations, it has been decided to adjust two loops at Park Forum. A number of strips with bricks are applied in these bends over the full width of the road. This will happen in the period 22 to 25 October 2019. In addition, another turning loop will be fully closed before the summer of 2020. These small adjustments to the infrastructure are expected to make Park Forum less attractive for racing motorcyclists. The police continue to pay attention to traffic enforcement.