Meerhoven 55 Plus has received a donation of 2000 euro from the ING Netherlands fund. In February residents in Meerhoven were called to vote on the senior platform.

The ING Netherlands fund was set up to financially support charities in the Netherlands. Five charities were selected per region. After that, everyone could vote where the amount of the donation was determined by the number of votes. Meerhoven 55 Plus has become third in the Eindhoven region.

Antoon Hermsen, driving force of Meerhoven 55 Plus: “We are very happy with the donation and will find a nice destination for it. We regularly organize meetings, workshops and other activities that are appreciated by many seniors in Meerhoven. We are also involved in new initiatives such as football, singing and powerwalk with Meerhoven Old Stars. And soon we will start an educational afternoon with lectures, books and films.”