On Tuesday, May 15, 2018 at 20.00 hours residents associtions in Meerhoven organise a meeting with the initiators of the FeelGood Park. Priya van Breugel and Advait Bryers will give a brief explanation of their plans. Afterwards there is plenty of time for asking questions. Location: De Hangar, Meerbos 4, Meerhoven.

After the succes of their Feelgood Market on Strijp-S, Priya van Breugel and Advait Bryers had the idea to realise a sustainable eatery in the nature. A place to relax, get inspired and enjoy the Feelgood mood. Eventually they found that place in Meerhoven at the Waterfront, near Park Meerland. This idea was called the FeelGood Park.

Meeting place
The planned eatery will have 80 seats and a terrace. Van Breugel: “It will be a sustainable, cozy meeting place. We will take care of fine coffee, lovely homemade pies, soups and salads. All of this will be prepared as much as possible with local and season products.” Besides eating and drinking there will also be inspiring activities in the FeelGood Park, such as creative workshops, yoga and meditation. The children will also not be forgotten, so the parents can relax. “It will be a place full of creativity, music, inspiration and meetings in a holiday atmosphere”, according to Van Breugel.

Although most people in Meerhoven welcome the FeelGood Park, there are also objections from local residents. They fear that the Feelgood Park will cause nuisance. Mainly because of the parking place and the opening hours. The Feelgood Park would be realized this summer, but due to a lawsuit between local residents and the municipality, the realization of the eatery has been postponed. The judge asked local residents and the municipality to come closer together. If they can not figure it out, the judge will still make a decision.

Everybody is welcome, but signup in advance through www.meerhoven.nl/feelgoodpark is desired so that the organization has an indication of the number of participants. The meeting lasts a maximum of one hour.