Waste processor Cure will soon increase the capacity for the collection of plastic waste in Meerhoven.

It is not a calling card for the Terminal M shopping center: the overflowing containers for plastic packaging and the mountains of waste that surround it. Residents complain about it for a long time. The problem mainly occurs on Sundays because on that day the containers are not emptied. As a result, the waste often remains until Monday afternoon. According to Cure, it is unfortunately not only about plastic packaging, but also about illegal dump of electronics and other discarded items such as pots, pans, suitcases, folding chairs, etc.

More capacity
Because of the many complaints, residents’ associations in Meerhoven have suggested a number of solutions to Cure. The most obvious solution will be implemented shortly, namely increasing capacity. This means extra containers and/or extra emptying of the containers. Cure has not yet given a definitive answer about this, but has promised that the measure will be implemented “soon”. The enforcement and supervision department of the municipality of Eindhoven has been asked to act against illegal waste dump.

If the measures are unsuccessful, Cure will consider other solutions, such as better information (both in Dutch and in English), container gardens and the deployment of a ‘host’ who gives instructions on the use of the containers and separating waste. Experiments are already being carried out in other places in Eindhoven with a number of these measures. Another option suggested by residents’ associations is to collect the plastic waste door-to-door. This is already happening in surrounding municipalities.

Residents are asked to (continue to) report nuisance caused by full containers and illegal waste dump via the BuitenBeter app.

More information
For more information about separating waste, see the website of Cure and Meerhoven.nl.