Three hundred interested people had registered for the open day on Wednesday, July 3, 2024 at the emergency crisis shelter for asylum seekers on Noord Brabantlaan, curious to discover what really happens in the shelter. Initially, there was also a lot of opposition to the location of the shelter. Now most are impressed by the warm welcome and explanation of their temporary neighbours.

Mia Visser, for example, who lives almost a stone’s throw from the emergency crisis shelter and was initially very hesitant about its arrival. “Now I am ashamed of that attitude at the time, because I have now learned that very nice people are housed here. Moreover, when you hear their stories and know what the reasons are for moving this way, you only want to help. I no longer hear any opposition in my neighbourhood, although there may still be some opposition. For me, the arrival of these ‘new neighbours’ feels like an enrichment.”

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