The National Sustainable Homes Route will be held for the seventh time on Saturday 2 and 9 November 2019. Homeowners throughout The Netherlands are opening their doors, Meerhoven included.

During the Sustainable Houses Route, houses can be visited throughout the country, varying from old to new and from detached to apartment. A wide variety of measures can also be seen, such as the heat pump, different types of insulation or the sustainable generation of solar energy. A unique opportunity for visitors to experience sustainable living and get ideas.

Also in Meerhoven various residents of natural gas-free/district heating-free homes participate. hey like to tell how they have made their home more energy efficient and sustainable. Inge Kouw from Meerhoven: “In 2016, we installed a heat pump in our 2001 home and expanded the solar panels that have been installed. Since then we only get money back. The process took some time, but it turned out to be childishly simple. We are then also super satisfied”.

Visiting a house
An overview of the participating houses in The Netherlands can be found on the website (in Dutch). The houses can be visited on 2 or 9 November 2019. The opening times vary and are listed on the website per property.

Register a house
Residents who also want to open their home during the Sustainable Houses Route can register their home via (in Dutch).