Neighbourhood Watch Meerhoven

As a result of various incidents in Meerhoven, residents have taken the initiative to start a neigbourhood watch. The Neighbourhood Watch Meerhoven has been a fact since the end of last month. The Neighbourhood Watch Meerhoven (in Dutch: ‘Buurtpreventieteam Meerhoven’) consists of residents who volunteer for a safe neighbourhood. They supervise informally and report irregularities to the municipality and police. John Tops from Meerhoven coordinates the team.

Yellow vests
John Tops: “The volunteers of the Neighborhood Watch Meerhoven are recognizable by the yellow vests with ‘Buurtpreventie’ on the back. We walk through as many streets as possible and also through the park. In addition to reporting irregularities, we also give residents tips for their own safety For example, we warn if there is a ladder unattended against the fa├žade, a garbage container is in a place that makes burglars very easy or if a resident has accidentally left the garage door open.”

Volunteers wanted
To make the neighbourhood watch a success, many volunteers are needed. Tops: “The group of volunteers is not that big yet. We hope that the initiative motivates other residents to also sign up and thus make our beautiful neighbourhood a bit safer. It is also good for your health and social contacts. Before you get started, the municipality offers a two-evening course that will help you get started. ”

More information
Do you want to contribute to a safe neighbourhood together with local residents? Register without obligation via . The coordinators of the Neighbourhood Watch Meerhoven will contact you as soon as possible.