Recently, 27 extra bus stops for Bravoflex have been added in Eindhoven, including two stops in the Waterrijk neighbourhood (Waterweg and Waterfront). Bravoflex is the new transport service in Eindhoven, Veldhoven, Aalst and Waalre that takes travelers without a fixed route from stop to stop.

Travelers can order a ride via an app, website or by calling. They choose at which stop they want to be picked up and to which stop they want to travel. And also what time they want to leave or arrive. There is no timetable. So travelers no longer have to be at a stop at a fixed time or transfer to get to a stop. Bravoflex brings the traveler there in one go. The vehicle may have to be shared with other passengers. But that only happens if the arrival time is not endangered.

Try for free
To get acquainted with Bravoflex, travelers can now request two free trial trips for Bravoflex Eindhoven.

More information
For more information visit the website of Bravoflex: (also in English).