In mid-July 2020, Meerhoven will have a new dental practice: Oral care Dental More.

Asal Soltani is the owner of the new practice. The entrepreneur comes from Brabant but has been working for a practice in Amsterdam for the past few years. According to her, Meerhoven is the ideal place to open her own practice: “There are relatively many expats living here. I worked a lot with expats in Amsterdam and I really enjoyed that, all those different cultures”.

More care
According to Soltani, there will be five treatment rooms, two of which will initially be used because of corona. “Especially in this corona period it is good to be able to set up everything extra spacious, so that we can provide our care in complete safety”. The name Dental More refers to that extra piece of care. Soltani: “More care, more attention and of course it’s also a nod to Méérhoven. More information can be found via

According to Barbara Ploeger of Propertize, the manager of the shopping center, the practice is a nice addition to the existing services in the shopping center and the Meerhoven health center. “We already have a wide range of daily facilities such as supermarkets, a drugstore, liquor store and a bakery. Glad that we can also provide services in the field of care.”