Since this month, Meerhoven has a new gym: Hybrid-Gym. Everyone is welcome to train at the new gym for free and without obligation.

The 23-year-old owner Joey Seetsen is a personal coach in the field of fitness and lifestyle. Seetsen was interested in sports from an early age. “At the age of 15 I started fitness to become a better footballer. And at the age of 19 I started my own personal trainer. When I stopped playing football, I started to focus on fitness sports. The great thing about fitness is that you can sports at every level. By pushing your physical limits you also become mentally stronger. After a period at the Defense Department, I have had my own gym in Meerhoven since this month: a gym that stands for real attention, bonding and results.”

At Hybrid-Gym you can go for ‘personal training’, ‘duo personal training’ and ‘small group training’. Seetsen: “The small group training ranges from strength to fitness and from boxing to boot camp. We teach every morning and every evening. You can also join us in the morning during the weekend. Everyone is welcome to come and join us for free and without obligation. to come and experience what it is like to train with us. If you are interested, you can always drop in or send us a message.”

Meer informatie
Hybrid-Gym is open during the week from 7 am to 10 pm and on weekends from 8 am to 4 pm. Location: Meerwater 4 in Meerhoven (near the Jumbo supermarket). For more information, visit the Hybrid-Gym website.